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I am smart, witty, and gorgeous darn great. I love to read and there are times that I prefer books to people and time alone more than I wish to engage in meaningless conversation, but I love sex and think about it more than I care to admit to. I am fairly certain that I am hot AND I have been told that I am attractive awesome in all the ways that count...in the bedroom. I have met all the goals that I have made for myself, so I just keep adding to my list. I will listen to most any music except hardcore bluegrass and alternative rock. I love to laugh and while I try to see the bright side, I have learned that people are egotistical and life is hard so feelings and emotions, while they matter, only mean something if they are your own. dating sites for married people know, I am too young to think this way, but those are my cards and now they are on the table...

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Saying a woman is beautiful or intelligent is flirting. Anything else is too much. And so is saying anything without adding "...if only you weren't married."

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